Fall 2014 Series: Developing your Consulting Chops

6 Monthly Sessions facilitated by Laura Peck

1st Tuesdays 4:30‐6:30 pm October 2014‐March 2015 Oakland

Whether you run your own business, work on staff internally, or are part of a consulting firm, your success requires tools, techniques…and fundamentally, effective use of self.

Led by seasoned consultant and coach Laura Peck, the sessions combine expert counsel, a suite of frameworks and techniques, and small group dialogue. Participants gain a curated tool kit, along with fresh perspectives and new professional connections.

Built around briefings and practice opportunities, each session is designed to be responsive to the questions and challenges participants bring forward. We’ll struggle with your real time consulting dilemmas, inquire into the nature and nuance of the consulting process, test drive practical and proven tools, and mine our exchange for actionable insights.

Topics will include:

Skillful beginnings

  • Negotiating expectations, building credibility and trust
  • Entering the organization, honoring skepticism and resistance
  • Understanding the sector, the field, and organizational culture and politics

Adding Value

  • Framing the issues and the vital questions
  • Collecting valid data to inform challenges and opportunities
  • Giving feedback to a group
  • Turning insights into action
  • Ending well

Use of Self

  • Full accountability
  • Getting out of your own way, recovering from stumble
  • Building a habit of regular reflection and renewal

Series Cost: $750 ($650 if you register before September 15). In-progress. Registration CLOSED.