To accelerate the development of confidence and competence in leaders committed to doing great work in the world.


Customized and practical learning sessions, offered in-person and by phone, based on preference and convenience. Your work challenges shape the learning agenda. We address real-time dilemmas, test drive practical and proven tools, and surface actionable insights. From oh-no to aha to next steps!


Increase in emotional intelligence (EQ) and communications skills and expanded repertoire for dealing with challenging situations and colleagues.


All coaching engagements are customized to the needs of the client, but the following elements are generally included:

SELF-ASSESSMENT AND AGREEMENTS - In our initial conversation, we agree on the desired outcomes, time frame, and approach. We also talking about mutual expectations, clarify who does what and confirm your organization's commitment and support. This agreement serves as the foundation for our working relationship.

FEEDBACK (OPTIONAL) - Key colleagues are identified for the coach to interview, including your peers and people who work for you. A summary of their confidential responses and your self-assessment provide a multi-dimensional perspective on your strengths and your opportunities for learning.

COACHING PLAN - Your personal and professional goals provide the focus for a coaching plan. The plan includes specifics about your goals, strategies, and how success will be measured.

COACHING SESSIONS - Face-to-face and/or telephone sessions are conducted over three to twelve months. Guided by your goals and emerging issues, the format and content are flexible. Each session concludes with a summary of what was learned and what actions you will take next.

DEBRIEFING + ONGOING DEVELOPMENT - At the end of our work together, we meet, along with the sponsor as appropriate, to assess progress, strategies learned, and impact on the client and the organization. This provides an opportunity to reflect on the process, define what helped and/or hindered success, and determine how to proceed. At the end of an initial coaching engagement, clients identify ongoing learning goals, which they pursue with the coach or on their own.

2016 New Offerings


  • What: A two-hour session structured around powerful questions and deep listening.
  • Why: Hold space for a reflective conversation about the direction of your professional career and contribution.
  • How: Receive helpful materials to guide you through pre- and post-session work in order to make the most of your time; PLUS, a game plan and additional resources to help you act on new insights.
  • Investment cost: $500


  • What: A tailored coaching package for internal and independent consultants.
  • Why: Focus on an immediate challenge or hone your consulting skills (contracting, dealing with resistance, structuring your inquiry in a client system, giving actionable feedback).
  • How: Thought partnership, practical tools, tested frameworks, and process design expertise delivered in 1:1 sessions.
  • Investment cost: Available hourly or by package; contact me to inquire.


Working with Laura has been immensely enriching. Through practical strategies and her wisdom, she’s helped me understand more clearly why my perspective matters and the unique value I bring to our work. She has helped peel back the tough layers that have made it challenging for me to demonstrate confidence and to be more compassionate to myself. I feel like I’ve experienced an internal transformation in my confidence that is being translated into my professional contributions.
— Jessica Xiomara García, Senior Consultant, Learning for Action