The more present and aware we are as individuals and as organizations, the more choices we create.  As awareness increases, we can engage with more possibilities. We are no longer held prisoner by habits, unexamined thoughts, or information we refuse to look at.
— Margaret Wheatley

Leadership Coaching

Accelerating the development of social sector leaders and change agents

Professional Development Served Two ways:

  • Just in Time: get clear about what’s most important and figure out what you need to do to get moving. Available in in 3-hour blocks

  • Monthly reflection sessions: the appointment you keep with yourself to stop and make sense, to think, and to plan. Because leaders deserve it.



When  & Why

For those times you find yourself at some kind of crisis or crossroads—an ending, a new opportunity, a stuck place. Take the promotion? Move into a new field? Successfully navigate your first 90 days in a new role?

How it Works

  • You get a thought partner, a safe space, and a structured process

  • Our initial face -to -face meeting is 90 minutes. You’ll complete a brief questionnaire to focus us both on what brought you to coaching, your unique gifts and talents, and what you want to create in the world. The bias is for action.

  • Subsequent sessions are 60-90 minutes, by phone or at my studio in Albany. I also share relevant resources and practical tools and am available for quick check-ins.

  • Available in 3-hour blocks: Your agenda, your timing; use your hours as needed and buy more time when and if you are ready.

Come for a tune up or a breakthrough. Leave with a game plan.



When & Why

Lately I have been working with executives and senior leaders who are investing in their own resilience and growth. They recognize that without dedicated time for thinking and planning, it’s hard to get past whack-a-mole mode. They use coaching to troubleshoot their own thinking, try on possibilities, wrestle with dilemmas, and practice new strategies.

How it Works

Available as 6-month series

You get a space to let down, re-charge, and re-ground:

  • Identify and draw on your unique gifts and talents

  • Assess what’s coming at you

  • Anchor in the difference you want to make in the world

Expand your repertoire of creative and effective responses

Arrive with questions and leave with clarity, resources, and action plans.


clients say

I wanted to thank you for being a great coach. I appreciated your guidance and support to help me get clarification about what’s most important to me and what I need to do to stay on track. Since we last talked, I started to pursue a certification (Chartered Financial Analyst). I passed the level 1 in December 2014. Then I got pregnant with twins (and my wonderful twin girls are 16 months old now). And I am studying again for level 2 of the CFA program. If someone asked if I could handle all of these a couple years ago, I would have said no way. After working with you, I have learned to be more deliberate with my actions and practice reflection more regularly.

— Stephanie Chan, VP of Treasury and Investments, State Compensation Insurance Fund

Working with Laura has been immensely enriching. Through practical strategies and her wisdom, she’s helped me understand more clearly why my perspective matters and the unique value I bring to our work. She has helped peel back the tough layers that have made it challenging for me to demonstrate confidence and to be more compassionate to myself. I feel like I’ve experienced an internal transformation in my confidence that is being translated into my professional contributions.

— Jessica Xiomara García, Senior Consultant, Learning for Action

“Working with Laura balanced my need to expand and elevate thinking about what is possible with critical reflection on the strengths I bring and what I value in my work. ”

— Jill Casey, jdcPartnerships

Laura brings a magical blend of rigor, humor, and practical tools to her coaching and teaching—and elicits the same from her students. She offers big-picture perspective alongside strategies you can (and I did) use right away. As a result of Laura’s leadership teaching and coaching, my confidence went up, my toolbox got larger, my clients benefited, and I enjoyed the process immensely.”

— Suzanne Samuel, Independent Consultant