Provide an accelerated and affordable development opportunity for leaders to hone the skills necessary to effect sustainable change and momentum.


A series of 6 monthly sessions combines expert counsel, briefings, a suite of frameworks and techniques, and small group dialogue. We address real time dilemmas, test drive practical and proven tools, and mine our exchange for actionable insights.


Participants gain a curated tool kit and an expanded repertoire for dealing with challenging situations and clients, along with new professional connections.


  • Offered as a public series or customized in-house offering
  • Focused on leadership development, Consulting Skills, or Facilitation: Harnessing Collective Intelligence

LCC Raves

It’s great to take the abstract, theoretical ideas about leadership and apply them to real world situations. Laura’s modeling, tips and practical advice, along with peer insight offered ways to set the stage for leadership (our own and that of others) to emerge and contribute.
— Dee Dee Mendoza, Director of Development, Dartmouth College
Laura brings a magical blend of rigor, humor, and practical tools to her coaching and teaching—and elicits the same from her students. She offers big-picture perspective alongside strategies you can (and I did) use right away. As a result of Laura’s leadership teaching and coaching, my confidence went up, my toolbox got larger, my clients benefited, and I enjoyed the process immensely.
— Suzanne Samuel, Independent Consultant
I’ve been an HR professional and consultant for 25+ years. I really enjoyed the opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues at earlier points in their career and to share tools for dealing with issues that challenge consultants of all generations—scope creep, indecisive project sponsorship, work-life balance and many more. Laura Peck draws on her vast experience wisely and with great humor and structures the fast-paced sessions so that everyone comes away learning something useful.
— Director of Human Resources & Administration, California Communications Access Foundation
Working with Laura balanced my need to expand and elevate thinking about what is possible with critical reflection on the strengths I bring and what I value in my work.
— Jill Casey, jdcPartnerships