Just as corporate Research & Development contributes to innovations in products, services or processes. Reflection  & Discernment retreats offer new discoveries within our hearts and minds. That new awareness opens us to developing new practices, new ways of being that align with our deepest intentions.
Time for silence and reflection can be hard to come by.

My clients, colleagues and friends are committed to creating a more compassionate and just world, a world that works for all people. Responsive to the needs and demands of work and others, we focus on solving problems and getting things done.  We rarely stop to Listen In: to discern what is calling for our attention and caring, to respond to the vital questions that linger unspoken or unexplored.


  • To provide a space for quiet reflection and thoughtful dialogue that encourages us to tap into our wisdom and build reflective muscle. 
  • To convene a group diverse in age and experience with a shared interest in being part of deeper conversations, open to the inspiration of others.


Two day long sessions in February and October will include brief presentations, guided inquiry, dialogue, physical practice, journaling and breaking bread together. 

  • February 21, Cultivating a Fearless Heart: Living with Courage in Daily Life
  • October 16, Cultivating the Wisdom of Letting Go


  • Periodic time set aside for reflection and discernment
  • Take-home practices that cultivate patience, compassion and self knowledge
  • Inspiration and encouragement from the circle of participants


  • Space is limited and those who commit to both will be given preference and a discount