As many of you know, I am all about practical tools and frameworks. Since 2006, I have been working with my Claros Group partners to produce brief, punchy leadership briefings.

Here, I curate the best ideas and approaches and present them in a concise and easy to digest format. Read it Monday. Use it Tuesday. Our clients and colleagues tell us that our Practical Tools are some of the most consistently valuable and well-written management counsel they receive in their virtual inbox.

I share them in my monthly newsletter (sign up here!) and they can also be found here. Enjoy and share!

The Wheel of Life  

A holistic assessment of what makes for a satisfying and sustainable life.      |      View the original newsletter sent on September 1, 2015 here.



Ten Strategies for Managing Your Time and Your Life

A few practical and sustainable strategies to better manage your time, attention, and energy.    |     View the original newsletter sent on October 6, 2015 here.




The Art And Science of Gratitude

Recent research studies have established the contribution that expressing gratitude makes to improved health and more loving relationships.    |      View the original newsletter sent on November 5, 2015 here.



Year End Assessment

Too often we complete one thing and jump right into the next without taking a breath to assess, let alone celebrate accomplishments. As the year comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the year and begin to explore what's next.   |    View the original newsletter sent on December 3, 2015 here.



Courageous Conversations

Effective leaders are able to have conversations that surface and deal with interpersonal tensions and conflicts. Awareness is key. Integrity, humility, and effective leadership are only possible if you acknowledge what is important to you, what’s at stake, and what you hope to accomplish for yourself and the organization.     |     View original newsletter sent on January 7, 2016 here.



I can do the job better and faster than anyone else! ...and 9 other excuses for not delegating. This tool will shine a light on what gets in the way and why and how to empower individuals to act independently. BONUS: A Delegation Checklist to help you prepare and execute on skillful and effective hand-offs so you don't end up doing other people's work.     |     View original newsletter sent on February 2, 2016 here.


Jumpstart Team Success

When a group first forms, there is minimal trust, no shared goals, no history of past performance, and roles are unclear. Despite this lack of clarity, members are eager to jump into the task at hand. The single most critical success factor in high performing teams is having a shared understanding of why a team exists and what it is trying to accomplish. Use this tool to jumpstart your team's success today!     |     View original newsletter sent on March 3, 2016 here


Giving Effective Feedback

Do you postpone or avoid giving feedback because it just never seems to be the right time or place? Use this tool to plan how to set the context, deliver the message, and follow-up to reinforce behaviors you want to encourage.     |     View original newsletter sent on April 7, 2016 here.




Try Feedforward Instead of Feedback

If we all know feedback is "good for us" then why is the thought of receiving it so cringeworthy? What if we reimagined a way of soliciting useful information from others?     |     View original newsletter sent on May 10, 2016 here.



Framing an Issue for Discussion

Productive team discussions require critical thinking and sharing diverse perspectives. This involves thoughtful preparation and skillful engagement. Use this month's tool, Framing an Issue for Discussion, to help you plan for engaging a group to work through a challenge together.     |     View original newsletter sent on June 2, 2016 here.