Take the time to reflect and make conscious choices about what really matters to you. If you start clearing away the clutter from your life today, the boulders in the stream interrupting your flow, you will be that much more empowered to change your world tomorrow.
— Karen Sands

Reflection & Renewal Retreats

2019 Offerings

This year I will be co-leading three retreats with my dear friend and colleague, Barbara Carlson. Barbara facilitates classes and retreats that focus on a variety of behavioral health and emotional wellness themes with an emphasis on cultivating awareness and health of mind, body and spirit. We’ll meet in my Albany studio, a light filled space with wood floors and garden views, ideal for gathering and reflection.



Saturday, Feb 2, 2019          1:00 - 4:00 pm, Cost: $65

Join us for a deeply renewing and energizing workshop that explores the introspective, contracting energy of winter. Anchoring guided discussion and individual reflection with embodied practice, we will listen in to what is calling us in the new year. What needs to be released or confronted? Strengthed or reimagined?

Co-led with Barbara Carlson.



Sunday, Apr 7, 2019          10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Cost: $65

Spring is a time of birth and new beginnings. The seeds we have planted with our intention and attention have developed roots and are moving upward. What is needed to break through to the surface? With meditation, dialogue, and yoga movement, we will cultivate the openness, flexibility, and steadiness required to realize new possibilities.

Co-led with Barbara Carlson.



Sunday, Oct 27, 2019          10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Cost: $65

In the third of a series of seasonal workshops, we’ll explore the energies of autumn, celebrating the harvest and releasing what is no longer needed that it may become compost for future growth.

Through guided individual reflection, group discussion, yoga and relaxation, we’ll discover what is precious, valuable and essential in our lives. Take time to reflect and to move and breathe.

Co-led with Barbara Carlson.


15 or more days in advance: $20 service charge | 14 to 8 days in advance: 50% charge | 7 days or less: no refund | Fees are non-transferable


clients say

Thank you again to Laura and Barbara for creating a comfortable and inspiring space to gather. I was moved by how everyone showed up in their own way to share and seek energy to ease transitions. I almost never follow up with a specific action from a workshop. Having the opportunity to articulate a manageable plan in a supportive environment, I surprised myself and did take those steps. — Elissa Miller

Thank you for kindness and creating a loving space to come together and listen in. I always enjoy being in the presence of you and Barbara working together. — Barbara Towner, MD

I was cleaning a drawer and found my notes from the workshop I did when I was starting to think about retiring. It so surprised me to see how much of my “try this” list I am actually doing now. That was such a great session and launching point. — Sue Gellen