A Manifesta: Embodied Leadership

Effective leaders practice and master these (mutually reinforcing) core strategies. They are mutually reinforcing: a regular physical practice builds the discipline and core strength to move from a centered presence; reflective practice builds self- awareness, focus, and discernment for intentional choices; a centered and grounded presence allows us to hold space for powerful conversations.


Sustained activism and healthy aging require more than book smarts and emotional intelligence. We need to cultivate physical intelligence: strength, flexibility, agility, balance and stamina.

What might be possible if head, heart and gut were integrated in service of what is most important to us?

Leadership requires a lifelong journey of developing oneself as oneself. A regular reflective practice helps us to clarify our intention and align our actions. When we take time to stop, to quiet, to listen in, we see ourselves and our world more clearly. We discover what we truly value and the future we want to co-create.

Our gifts in leading other people are founded in our self-awareness.  What is your practice?

When we are facing Hard Questions with no Easy Answers, we have to make our most important issues discussable so we can figure it out together. There is no learning when we talk at and over each other.  We need to ask powerful questions, to listen—really listen, and to interrogate our own assumptions and beliefs.

Might the right questions and skillful dialogue lead to new possibilities for collective action?